Drum roll please...and the first EssentialsEasy product to launch is...

A baby milestone blanket!

I’ve discovered as I’ve discussed this with my friends who are also way past the child bearing ages that not everybody knows WHAT a Milestone Blanket is...so hopefully this blog will explain it.

Basically it’s a photography prop


Back in my day we scrap-booked. New moms today are scrap-booking on Instagram—and sharing those special moments with their friends, family and the world.

When the baby is young all you need to do is place your baby on the blanket—it’s has a decorative frame printed around the border. The numbers 1 through 12 can be marked with the Included felt frame

Start at the Beginning or Start Where Your Baby is Now--Up to Age 12

Start photographing your baby at “1 Day” old and post a photo for the first 12 days, then “3 Weeks,” “4 Weeks,” move then to “1 Month,” and post each month. Then continue at 1 year, 2 years, all the way up to 12 years! If your 12 year old will actually let you do that. As your child grows, hang the blanket for your child to stand in front of once they are old enough –use a safety pin to pin the frame around the number.

Some of the other blankets on the market have ‘days, weeks, months, years’ printed on the blanket. That was really distracting to me when looking at the blankets, so I put each on a card that can be added to the blanket based on what the baby’s age is.


Let Your Baby Speak for Him/Herself

The EssentialsEasy “Born to Amaze” Baby Milestone Blanket Includes 14 milestone cards designed in cute speech bubble designs—so the baby can speak for him/herself. The Blanket itself is made of 250GSM soft flannel fleece. It lays flat and doesn't need ironing. 


This is the perfect gift to give the parents-to-be. Since it’s black and white it will work for a girl or a boy. Plus the parents will be able to use it for future babies no matter what their gender is. Present it to the new parents at their Gender Reveal party, or a baby shower. It will be the most unique gift they will receive.

Every photo can look different. Milestones and Holidays can be celebrated by adding décor from around the house to the blanket. The Mom’s creativity will shine and make her look good and feature her baby and his/her milestones in every photo.


Everything Included

Included with the blanket are the 14 Milestone Cards, the Frame, Date cards, and a cloth storage bag to store it all in between photo shoots.

The blankets have been ordered and should arrive by the end of August. They will sell for $24.95

Milestone Monday’s

Starting in October there will be a weekly contest on the EssentialsEasy Facebook and instagram pages.

Each week On Monday Post the photos of your baby’s milestones and then send your friends and family over to “like” your photos. On Sunday the photos with the most “likes” will win an Amazon gift card. You can enter again and again as you create new photos and new designs for each holiday and milestone photo.

Please post in the comments your opinion of the blanket.

If you would like to be one of the first to purchase one please email me at essentialseasyllc@gmail.com and I will add you to the list to receive the first blankets and receive 25% off.


  • So cute! I need one for my granddaughter, due in January!!

    Susie Rainey
  • Brilliant! This will be my standard baby shower gift. Thanks for making the world a better place for all!!!

    Debi Craddock
  • Adorable! I love that you can use it all the way up to 12 years! I can’t wait to buy these for baby showers.

    Allison Ocampo
  • This looks very practical, and I like the versatility in that you can decorate and add the words you want to it. It would make a great new parent gift.

    Andrea Wooldridge
  • This looks very practical, and I like the versatility in that you can decorate and add the words you want to it. It would make a great new parent gift.

    Andrea Wooldridge

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