The Born to Amaze Baby Milestone Blanket is simple, so creative moms can add decor for each milestone and holiday to make it unique. There's 14 Milestone Cards in Cute Speech Bubbles so your baby can announce their latest accomplishment themselves. A simple frame to encircle each number and 'days, weeks, months, years' cards to add for the appropriate date instead of seeing them printed on the blanket in each photo. A storage bag to store the blanket and rest of the props between shoots completes the package.


Included in the Milestone Blanket Kit

The Blanket Backdrop

47 x 47 Square is perfect for Instagram photos. 250 GSM Soft Flannel Fleece

14 Milestone Cards

Provided are 14 of the most common milestones in cute speech bubbles so your baby can tell your friends and family about her latest accomplishments. Download a speech bubble you can customize below

Felt Frame

Cards for Days, Years, Months, Years

Most Milestone blankets have the 'days, weeks, months, years' printed on them. Our blanket has cards so you only see the one that applies for that photo.

Fabric Storage Bag

Store your blanket and props in the fabric storage bag between photo shoots.


 Use your creativity to design the blanket for each milestone or holiday.   Starting in October on our Facebook and Instagram pages we will have 'Milestone Mondays' where you can post your photos, have your friends come and 'like' them and the ones with the most 'likes' will win an Amazon Gift Card!

Here are a few examples:

Sports Family

Show your friends and family all the sports your baby will excel in one day, even add your College Alma Mater's Pennant--and start saving! 

St Paddy's

Just use decor you already have around your house to add to the blanket to make a cute and creative scene. Add the star and your Instagram Followers will see your baby truly is Born to Amaze.

Extra Chromosome and Proud of It!

If you haven't noticed most of our models have Down syndrome. Use streamers to wrap around the frame to add some color and don't forget to add the speech bubble to announce when your baby finally lets YOU sleep through the night!

Christmas Card Cover Photo

Your baby is the Cover of the Christmas card using your decor and adding an adorable outfit. Get creative using Christmas balls to encircle the number and add a few presents and stockings...Ho Ho Ho!

Sitting Up? Look Up

Once your baby starts sitting up and walking you can still use this backdrop to capture her adorable expressions.

Stand in front!

Just use a safety pin to pin the frame and 'years' in place hang some grad decor and Viola! Preschool Graduation Photo is ready to post.

Happy 4th of July

Inexpensive Streamers and some stars set the scene--hand your baby some table decorations and quickly snap the shot.

I said Quickly Snap the Shot!

Imperfection is reality, and much cuter to see your baby having a great laugh while messing up the streamers you spent 30 minutes carefully placing onto the blanket. 

Your Photo Backdrop for YEARS!

I'm going to add a downloadable 'Grade' marker soon so this can be used as a backdrop for Grades 1 through 12 too! This milestone blanket photo prop backdrop will last you for years to come--and will work for all of your children--boys or girls!

Download a Speech Bubble You Can customize to say anything you want it to

Download Here

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